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19 January 2007

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23 October 2006

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Takashi Iwamoto on sunny day

omid on sunny day
very nice shot with beautiful composition & lighting! Lovely view!

Jen on the bridge
Beautiful Shot

Michael on she was
This is a beautiful image H.O. Great work.

mico on gratitude
弟ってどんなオッサンだ?と思っていたんですが、 ...

funicolare on daylight
はじめまして、こんにちは。 光と影、人生そのものです。 ...

HIROKAZU on daylight
こんばんは〜H.Oさんの光と影のとらえかたが、どの写真もすばらしいですね。 ...

moonful on sunday

gandz on she was
wonderful shot! very elegant=)

Jen on sunday
Lovely shot

moonful on atmosphere
久しぶりに遊びにきました。 たくさん写真が増えてます!(笑) ...

Stu on she was
I wish I could take shots like this. Amazing simplicity and great framing make a great image. Totally timeless.

Valérie Simonnet on she was
magnifique, j'adore

Anna.C on she was
great mood ! love it !

Mariana Maoduš on she was
nice mood .

Anna O. on she was
Amazing, moody, perfect !!

Stu on picture on the window
I love the melancholy feeling here.

Stu on daylight
I love the mood, H.O.

dai on atmosphere

ISA.H on atmosphere
Superb light and composition.

Curly on atmosphere
Nice shot, the light is nicely managed to show off the colours in this still life.

Dino on picture on the window
いつもながら良いですね~。 この一枚も好きです。

Tobias on recollection
Beautiful - enigmatic. I like your work!

dai on life
モノクロもいいですね。デジタルカメラは仕事で使うくらいですが ...

Koji on behind the lights

dai on gratitude
こんばんは。 ゆっくりじっくり、味わって見たいお写真ばかりですね。 ...

Tajiri on picture

Adrian on behind the lights
I like this very much. happy christmas

Don on behind the lights
An interesting capture of the lights within from outside the building.

Dino on wheels
好きです。 この一枚も載せてくださいね、写真集。

hiro on recollection
machigaeta!! cho- kakkoii no wa kocchi no Photo desu!! gomen nasai :)

hiro on effect
cho- kakkoii !!

Stu on break time
Love it H.O.! All we need now is a young Marlon Brando to complete the scene.

Beth Arr from São Paulo on effect
amazed me! I really like it.

Takashi Iwamoto on effect
Great Photo! Thanks. :-)

Stu on effect
Love it!

Takashi Iwamoto on picture

Denise on picture
The vertical one seems more efficient to me (my humble opinion).

Martine on picture
J'adore superbe!!!!!

tataze on picture
It's wonderful.

Stu on picture
Yes, I agree with Curly.

Ellebasi on picture
great, love it

Curly on picture
The other one - fewer elements - less is more.

Takashi Iwamoto on 一葉 (ichiyo = one leaf)
Quiet scenery. Thanks.

Jen on sunday morning
Great shadows and light H.O.!

Stu on sunday morning
Beautiful light and shadow.

Stu on sunday morning
A masterful play of lines H.O.!

Stu on wings of hope
A classic H.O.!

Dana on hana
Dreamy. Beautifully shot. Love the low contrast. The V juncture of railcar, sign and flower.

Dana on wings of hope
An artful B&W graphic.

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